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    Wiadomości Naftowe i Gazownicze  - Styczeń  
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    Wiadomości Naftowe i Gazownicze  - Luty  
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    Latest issue of Oil and Gas News:

    • Directional drilling in Poland – part II
      The purpose of this article is to familiarize the reader with issues related to directional drilling. The first part has discussed the basic concepts used when talking about directional drilling, examples of the use of such holes, and the history of the development of tools used in directional drilling. The second part is introducing the history of directional drilling in Poland, from their beginning to the present day, with particular emphasis on interesting and unusual projects... more

    • Principles of design,execution and acceptance of drilled wells with particular regard to procedures in the scope of making geothermal water wells
      In the article the author discusses broadly the issues related to the drilling of a hydrogeological well with particular emphasis on the implementation of deep geothermal drilling. The specificity of such a project is to obtain water of high temperature, often of high mineralization for balneological or municipal purposes, i.e. for heating purposes. The content of the article shows that the whole process of geothermal project implementation consists of many important operations whose professional execution often determines the final success... more