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    • Prace badawczo-rozwojowe w zakresie wiertnictwa i ich wdrażanie w praktyce przemysłowej
      This article presents the directions of research conducted at the Department of Drilling Technology. The most important ones include the development of drilling muds for drilling holes in various geological and reservoir conditions and cement slurries for sealing columns of casing pipes. Drilling mud technologies and cement slurry technologies developed in recent years, as well as currently conducted research are discussed. Descriptions of the unique equipment used for testing drilling fluids under HPHT conditions are also included. ...more

    • MPD Managed Pressure Drilling
      This article outlines Managed Pressure Drilling technology in a general way, MPD for short. MPD technology has been known in practice for over 20 years and has been officially accepted and formally implemented for offshore drilling in 2003. MPD technology is derived from Underbalanced Drilling technology in short UBD and attempts to apply it took place in Poland, which is mentioned in the article. ...more