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    • Possibilities of using lithological profiles prepared on the basis of the results of chemical composition measurements using the pXRF method on core and aggregate samples
      Determination of lithological profile on the basis of geophysical measurements of chemical composition with GEM or LithoScaner probes is becoming a more and more frequently used tool for geophysical interpretation. A chemical profile analogous to GEM measurements can be obtained on the basis of measurements performed with a portable pXRF spectrometer. The paper presents a methodology for determining the mineral composition of drilled rocks on the basis of cheap and fast pXRF measurements, based on models combining the results of chemical composition analysis with the results of mineral composition tests (XRD). A great advantage of the proposed method is the possibility to use it on aggregate samples, as well as on archival cores. Lithological profiles made on the basis of chemical composition analysis can also be used in geological profiling, so that parallel to sedimentological description we can track changes in mineral composition of analyzed rocks. They can be the basis for interpretation in thin-layer centers or support trajectory control of directional holes... more

    • Construction catastrophe on gas pipelines and gas installations in the light of the applicable regulations
      Gas explosions and fires pose a serious threat to human life and health, as well as destructively affect building structures, thus generating serious material losses. The article presents examples of construction catastrophes that have occurred in Poland in recent years. On the basis of two spectacular cases (transmission and distribution gas pipeline), the causes and effects of a construction disaster were discussed in the aspect of applicable technical regulations. The conclusions may be useful for technical services responsible for technical and operational safety and public safety as well as gas system reliability... more

    • Development of authorial Oil Base Mud recipe by Exalo Drilling S.A.
      In this paper are presented Exalo Drilling S.A. Mud and Cementing Laboratory and R&D Department researches which led to the formulation of personalized oil base (synthetic) mud. The region in Poland where oil base mud is usually used is the Carpathians flysch. The basis for developing the recipe were requirements of the Investor for performing one of several wells in this region. Researches on the recipe of OBM also considered geological structure and rock’s propeties in the region in which the well was planned. The background and knowledge of Exalo Drilling S.A. Mud and Cementing Laboratory and R&D Department has allowed for defining own Oil Base Mud, which has been used while Drilling the well... more