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    • Operation of the modern Diesel fuel injection systems
      The further development of the fuel injection systems is one of the most important elements internal combustion engines development with a view to reducing harmful substances of exhaust gases released to air including CO2 as well improvements of engine efficiency. The article describes influence on Diesel fuel composition change, its operating properties and development of modern fuel injection systems structures to any threats that can occur during their operation. The main trybological and thermal-chemical processes have been indicated impacting the CR fuel injection system operation. ...more

    • Cement slurries of low density and increased compressive strength
      The requirements for lightweight cement slurries besides to density are the thickening time, rheological parameters and compressive strength of the cement. The minimum compressive strength of the cement allowing for start work in the hole after the cementing casing is 3.5 MPa, while 14 MPa allows for correct interpretation by geophysics. The article presents the results of tests on light cement slurries in the density range from 1.46 g/cm3 to 1.61 g/cm3, whose minimum compressive strength 3.5 MPa was achieved after 12 hours from the end of the cementing process and exceeds value of 14 MPa after 48 hours WOC. ...more