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    • Comparative analysis of the state of stocks of natural gas deposits in the Carpathian Foredeep and of the south-western polish depositis
      The main areas of natural gas extraction occur in four regions, in the Polish Lowlands, in the Carpathian Fjord, Carpathians and in the Baltic zone. About 75% of the gas resources are found in the Miocene and Rotliegend and the remaining ones in the Cambrian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Zechstein, Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments. The Przedkarpackie Depression, which is a fore-barge created at the forehead of the Carpathians rising to the north, is the youngest alpine unit in Poland. Taking into account structural, sedimentological and stratigraphic features, the hollow can be divided into internal and external part as well as western and eastern part. It is filled with molasses deposits of the Miocene. They are created by a band of overwhelming sandstones, mudstones and claystones. Miocene sediments have a thickness of up to 3500 m in Poland and are characterized by a large lithological diversity. ...more

    • Selection of concrete saddles on gas pipelines
      When choosing a way to protect the pipeline against water outflow, it is necessary to take into account and analyze the ground conditions along the route of the pipeline, the diameter and depression of the pipeline in the ground below the groundwater table, the possibility and type of transport of the security to the place of installation and method of laying the pipeline in the excavation. The article gives guidelines for the selection and technology of manufacturing prefabricated concrete saddle weights. At the end of the article, a calculation example is presented illustrating the method of calculating this type of structure for a particular gas pipeline based on a wetland, on which the buoyancy of water acts. ...more