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    • Use of graphs to enthalpy - entropy engineering calculations in gas industry
      The article discusses the possibilities of using enthalpy - entropy graphs for engineering calculations in the gas industry. It is intended for technical staff involved in the design and construction and operation of gas facilities (compressor stations, reduction stations, installations using potential energy contained in compressed gas). Thanks to these graphs, you can easily determine, for example, the amount of heat (technological heat) to be fed to the gas stream to heat it or cool down from the temperature t1 to t2, determine the power of the compressor installed on the gas compressor station, turbine power obtained as a result of gas expansion [8,9], parameters of pressure regulator, such as: gas temperature behind the reducer, the lowest temperature that can appear in the pressure regulator, etc. ...more

    • The explosives in oil and gas mining
      The article presents the use of explosives in oil and gas mining. Particular attention was focused on the characteristics and description of the operation of the methods employing explosives that are most commonly used in the oil industry: perforation and gas fracturing. Also briefly presents the latest achievements of the Shooting Engineering Department in Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute. ...more