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15 Lipca 2024
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Henryka, Igi, Włodzimierza

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    Latest issue of Oil and Gas News:

    • The issues of hydrocarbons exhalation from wells drilled in geological formations of Carpathian Flysch and Autochthonous Miocene in terms of potential possibilities of isolation of gas inflow zones in the design and implementation phase of well drilling (Part no. 3)
      The article discusses important issues related to the migration and exhalation of gas in relation to phenomena often occurring in the area of the Outer Carpathians and the Carpathian Foredeep, in particular from the formations of the Carpathian Flysch and the Autochthonous Miocene.
      The article reviews publications and other studies related to this phenomenon, paying attention to the unfavorable impact on the environment and at the same time justifying the conditions for the formation and triggering of the phenomenon of gas migration and exhalation as objective factors independent of operational factors or other factors, i.e. physical barriers... dalej
    • The circular economy in oil and gas industry – potential application of currently available solutions
      A circular economy is a process aimed at maximizing resource utilization in the production process while minimizing the negative impact of waste on the natural environment. In the context of the circular economy within the oil and gas industry, the effective use of drilling fluids, their proper storage and future reuse, the application of high-quality chemical materials, and efficient processes for degassing, contamination neutralization, cleaning of drilling fluids, drying of cuttings, barite recovery, and optimization of transportation costs are key tools for the proper functioning of the system. The appropriate formulation of drilling fluids, followed by the addition of neutralizing agents to address potential contaminants that may arise during drilling, as well as the use of suitable cleaning equipment, helps reduce the consumption of chemicals. This also reduces the need to dilute the drilling fluid to lower percentage of solid phase content, thereby decreasing costs associated with the disposal of drilling fluids by increasing their volume. Efficient use of the available solutions described in the article also allows for the preparation of drilling fluids for storage and their reuse... dalej