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26 Lutego 2020
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Bogumiła, Eweliny, Mirosława

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    • Analysis of lithological and facial variability of rock complexes based on seismic interpretation
      Detailed recognition of the lithofacial variability of rock complexes in the process of hydrocarbon exploration and appraisal is currently one of the most important issues having a significant impact on the location of wells, which may often directly translate into exploration success or lack of it. In this paper we focus on two basic methods, i.e. lithofacial analysis based on seismic image interpretation using seismic attributes and linking seismic interpretation with vertical seismic profiling (VSP) interpretation in boreholes. The paper presents examples of seismic interpretation of Miocene sediments from the Carpathian Foredeep, the carbonate formations of Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous from the Carpathian Foreland, as well as clastic and carbonate sediments of the Lower Palaeozoic from the Peribaltic Syneclise area... more

    • Calculation algorithm of filing and blow-off time for high and middle pressure gas piping
      The article provides algorithms for calculating the time of filling and emptying gas pipelines, taking into account the composition, pressure, temperature and compressibility of gas as well as geometric parameters of the gas pipeline. The presented formulas and diagrams can be useful for dispatch and operation services, allowing for quick and precise determination of the time of conducting the operations of emptying and filling of gas pipelines... more