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    Latest issue of Oil and Gas News:

    • Multifunctional drilling symulator
      The article presents examples of use the Grace M2200 HPHT apparatus for testing drilling fluids in simulated borehole conditions. This device is a multifunctional drilling process simulator that allows to measure the lubricity of drilling fluid on the metal-metal or metal-rock contact, dynamic filtration of drilling fluids through the wall of the borehole and measurement of the drilling rate in real rock samples using a miniature drill bit in simulated borehole conditions. It is possible to simulate the borehole conditions thanks to the wide range of operating temperature (up to 260 °C) and pressure (up to 13,8 MPa). The device is operated using the M2200 PC software... dalej
    • The current use and directions of geothermal energy development in the world
      For many years, a constant tendency to increase the use of geothermal energy in the world has been recorded. This applies both to the increasing number of countries that report the use of this source for direct purposes or for the production of electricity, as well as the total installed power and energy consumption from the Earth’s interior. The number of countries reporting direct use of geothermal resources (including ground source heat pumps) has increased to 88 (34 in Europe), while the number of countries reporting geothermal electricity production to 29 (11 in Europe). The increase in the installed geothermal capacity for direct use in the last 5 years amounted to over 50%, thermal energy used slightly exceeds ca. 1 EJ/year, wherein ground source heat pumps (GSHP), responsible for almost 60% of the energy produced... dalej